Cocaine In Textbook

A US university student bought a second hand text book for a course she was taking about terrorism and when she opened it a packet of white powder fell out. Her first thought was it was anthrax but the local police tested the contents and declared them to be about $400 worth of cocaine. what if it had been anthrax? What if the book mix up led to her meeting the intended recipient one dark night?

The probability of anything bad happening is pretty low but not zero. Where do you think Hollywood screenwriters get their ideas from? Real life. Then they glam them up but the original story is usually based on something they read about in the press, like this story. If you don’t want to be the subject of a screen adaptation, what do you do? There is no simple answer to that because as I said, the odds of it happening to you are pretty slim. This woman did the right thing. She carefully took the packet to the police station. I would have called the police and asked them then and there to come and collect it. If she had been stopped and searched for whatever reason enroute, telling the judge you ‘found it’ and were on your way to hand it in might not work. Especially in the USA with their draconian drug laws and zero tolerance to letting their corporate prisons miss out on one more profit center.

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