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Blood Money & Eggshell Skulls

While the suicide of Jacintha Saldanha is tragic, to be fair one must pause and ask a few questions that are definitely not politically correct but nonetheless need to be asked. The nurse took a prank call from a Sydney radio station with the two DJ’s pretending to be HM the Queen and HRH Prince Charles. She believed them to be who they said they were and passed on the call to a colleague who revealed intimate details of the Duchess of Cambridge’s medical condition. A week later, Saldanha has taken her own life and the presumption is that it was directly because of this incident.

First of all, I think it shameful and disgusting that the DJs thought the personal and very private details of anyone’s pregnancy is fair game and should be public knowledge. That is poor taste in the extreme but sadly not a crime, I believe. It raises a lot of questions about what is and isn’t acceptable these days, especially as we seem to be becoming a society of softies, ready to take offence at the drop of a hat.

Secondly, for someone to be so deeply affected they abandon their husband and two teenage children and take their own life is something I can’t fathom. I find it cowardly and selfish in the extreme and I appreciate how devastating such an event is to those who loved the deceased. I have friends who have lost loved ones to suicide and mentioning this no doubt opens old wounds. For that I apologise but I do believe we need to discuss this topic openly, remove the media ban on reporting suicides and let the public know just how widespread a tragedy suicide actually is. I do think some of us are more susceptible to suiciding than others but the eggshell skull doctrine comes into play here.

There is a legal concept called the ‘eggshell skull’ which declares that even if the blow to the head wouldn’t have harmed 99% of the population, it did harm this victim as they had an eggshell skull. In other words each case must be tried on its merits and not on the merits of every other case. If Saldanha is more susceptible to such an extreme reaction to these specific events than anyone else int he world, so be it. But to me she must have had other issues, surely? She only passed on the call, she didn’t initiate it nor did she give the information away. Yet she appears to have felt sufficiently guilty to suicide. Sorry, but to me that is being about as selfish as you can be. We all handle situations differently to some degree but this is an extreme reaction, surely? There must have been underlying issues that were kicked over the edge by this, as if it was the trigger event she had been waiting for. I could be wrong of course but this is the only explanation I can accept as being the most logical.

What about the radio station? They suspended advertising to protect their advertisers from fall out. Fair enough but that was more commercially motivated and PR driven than anything else and that is understandable, they didn’t know the deceased. Yet to offer a $500,000 payment is so typical of today. As if money will fix everything. Blood money. Money will assuage the guilt and cleanse the slate. It is a bit like the news presenter telling us that, at the scene of the bus accident involving twenty schoolkids counselling has been offered to everyone. Great, we can all let out a sigh of relief, they are getting counseling so that means we don’t have to develop a psychosis over this. We sit in our overstuffed lounge chairs watching our giant flat screen TVs and suck up the gospel according to big business and those who mold our minds to consume what they make the most profit from. We are warned that the scenes we are about to see might cause some viewers distress. Well aren’t we bleeding lucky we aren’t actually there on the scene seeing everything! All the real horror of a bomb ripping apart women and children in a Middle Eastern marketplace,  blood and body bits hanging from trees. if they forget to cut out every morsel of reality and accidentally leave us with a large blood stain to shock ourselves over, they warn us before hand Don’t want someone sueing the TV station, do we. Can’t have real life push aside the construct the powers that be create for us so we can continue to consume in guilt free bliss.

Offering the money is as good as an admission of guilt in my book. The radio station is settling out of court, mitigating the collateral damage and all the other 21st century cliches and media catchphrases. A nice, large number, five hundred grand. Minimum. If they make more in ad sales between now and New Year’s then they will hand that over. Why not? It is a charitable donation and thus tax deductible. If they don’t do this they may lose more advertising revenue but now the advertisers can feel good about advertising on a station staffed with DJs who don’t seem to think through their pranks. 2DayFM, the home of the arch idiot and mister arrogance himself Kyle Whatshisname. They must have the most experienced damage control team in the PR world!

So why did Jacintha Saldanha commit suicide? Was it just because of the 2DayFM prank call? Her family claim she is such a devout Catholic this would have been enough to set her off. Thank God I don’t believe in God! It seems like such an onerous responsibility. Make no mistake, the loss of this nurse is a tragedy. What is also tragic is that we, as a society, think it is acceptable, even funny, to trick someone into giving away private information for the sake of a few laughs and some ratings, increased advertising revenues and a couple of ego’s. It is tragic that we feel it acceptable to pay off the family and even use this as a tactic to mitigate the damage and minimise the fallout.

When my wife was pregnant nobody but friends and family cared. No radio stations called, no women’s magazines stalked her for photos of her baby bump. Her pregnancies were just as special and at the same time every day and run of the mill natural as any celebrity’s. Perhaps the real offender here, and the victim, is us. Society. That we give the media the signals that we accept what they do to bring us our bread and circuses. That we want to read this stuff, to be titillated and shocked. It is just a part of the human condition and we’ll never change, no matter how many Jacintha Saldanha’s feel despondent enough to commit suicide. This is not, as a species, our finest moment.

Overkill In Taser Death Or…

The tragic death of Brazilian Roberto Laudision Curti this year at the hands of police suggests the officers acted well beyond the guidlelines and were responsible for the student’s death. In fact the Coroner went further to say the police acted thuggishly and like wild ‘Lord of the Flies’ schoolboys with a pack mentality.  I have no doubt they did get caught up in the heat of the moment. Perhaps they had copped hours of abuse earlier in the shift from other yobs?

While I would never condone excessive force it must be remembered the police didn’t take the LSD for Curti that set him off. They didn’t steal two packets of biscuits from the convenience store or report it as an armed robbery. While I agree Curti was of little if any risk to the public or himself, he knowingly and willingly took LSD, a prohibited drug. He broke the law on purpose, to give himself a ‘high’. He is responsble for putting himself in a position of vulnerability and high risk. Whenever you are under the influence of a drug, be it alcohol or even legal medication, you need to be aware the risk of something happening of an adverse nature is increased.

Curti should not have taken LSD and if he had not then he would not have been paranoid and stolen biscuits and ran around frightening people. He is responsible for his actions even though the officers involved are responsible for theirs and their actions led to his death. While no doubt he was loved and lovely, he died a drug crazed thief and no amount of trying to transfer responsibility to the police will change that. Curti is not entirely blameless but he has, no question, paid far too high a price for his choices.

Singapore Slings And Arrows

Singapore is a very safe place for anyone to visit but it is not without risk, nowhere is. I was exploring the Geylang area which, it turns out, has more than old world charm going for it. It turned out to be a red light area, but only off the main street. Here women lined the footpath to be ogled by dozens of men, all Indian, mostly holding hands in friendly pairs. As I turned to return to the main street my instincts were proven correct when a soft drink can just brushed my hair. A milimetre or two closer and it would have hit me. I scanned the dozen or so faces of the men surrounding me but they were impassive, yet hostile. Obviously they resented a European on their street. In the next street it w nearly all Chinese men watching the handful of women dutifully lined up and on parade.

As I made it back to the relative safety of the hustle and bustle of the main street I wondered how many men each must see every night. These were the second and third tier of prostitutes apparently. The younger ones no doubt working more upscale venues. I could clearly see, especially with the Sri Lankan women, they were not happy with hat they had to do. The Thai and Chinese, Vietnamese women seemed to be there voluntarily but the looks on the Indian/Sri Lankan/Bangladeshi women told a different story altogether.

Wherever there is alcohol there is a chance of trouble brewing. Throw in women and the risk increases. In this case it is prostitution rather than girls at a disco but the formula is the same. Men + Alcohol + Women = Trouble. There were places in Kuala Lumpur I had read about that were great places to go in the daylight and shop, but at night they were low rent red light areas, known for pimps and prostitutes ganging up on clients and even likely victims just passing through. Spiked drinks, violent robberies and bashings are to be avoided at all costs. If you have the back up and the curiosity, by all means take a trip there but be prepared, travel light without your valuables and just enough cash spread around you to get you through the night. As I was on my own and not in the market for female company I felt the best thing was to make sure I left the area well before dark, hanging out close to my hotel where there was more than enough local colour to keep me interested.

Coming back from the Skybar where I had spent an enjoyable hour or so taking in the view of the Petronas Twin Towers by night, I spied a gang of local youths charge across the road and towards a single, male European. He was outnumbered about ten to one and the only other people around were older locals, none of whom I think would come to his aid if need be. The crowd mock charged him, stopping short about two metres from the man. He faked a counterattack and as they hesitated he turned and legged it. I told the cabbie to slow down and slid open the door to the 7 seater mini van and called to the man to get in. Either he wasn’t paying attention or didn’t grasp the seriousness of his predicament but he just looked at me then ran past the cab. At this point the mob were closing in so I slammed shut the door and locked it and the driver hit the gas. I have no idea what happened next as we soon rounded a bend and they were lost to our sight. I gave him a chance and he failed to take it. I wasn’t going back for him and putting my life at risk in a fight I didn’t have a dog in.

Overll both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are safe cities but of course, if you go looking for trouble, it will find you. As we used to say in the Military Police, it is all about  the Three Ps; Prisoners, prostitutes and property! Also known as Cash, Bash and Gash!

Car Boot Sale Carnage

This morning the wife and I were at the Blacktown Drive-In car boot sale markets. We were two stalls away when a car suddenly accelerated from where it was parked, tore across the crowd milling around the stall and drove through the stall and into a parked van. At first we thought there was a woman trapped underneath but fortunately it was only a shoe from the items on sale, spread on the ground in front of the van.

The driver was in shock and so too the man he had hit and the little boy, bleeding from a cut to his temple. It was a close run thing that could have ended in a tragic fatality or two. I administered first aid to the boy, sitting in his father’s arms and determined he was not concussed or otherwise seriously injured. I was more concerned for his father who kept saying how it happened so fast and he was only able to pull one of his two boys to safety. He was distraught that he couldn’t stop the car from hitting his other son. I empathised with him completely, I have five children and would have been in a worse situation. He didn’t have time to decide which lad to save, it was all instinctive reaction, yet no doubt he will suffer over this incident and feel he failed his son and his family in some way.

With all the casualties being monitored by someone and the young stall holder doing an admirable job in keeping the roadway clear I moved off to a where I was able to direct the first police officers arriving on foot to the scene, then the first ambulance. Both arrived within five to ten minutes which is pretty good considering we were at the farthest boundary of the drive-in. I could hear sirens from other emergency vehicles and moved up to the exit gate where I was able to intercept the fire rescue truck and send them straight down the exit road to the scene, saving them having to wend their way through the crowded car park from the entry gate.

By now there were several police units, four ambulances and three fire rescue teams on the scene and as I didn’t actually witness the crash, I had just heard it and the screams of those who did witness the accident, I felt there was nothing to gain by adding to the crowd and we left. In hindsight I could perhaps have taken a more active role, marshalling the crowd, organising a triage for the injured and segregating witnesses and those involved from the rubber neckers… but I didn’t. I chose not to ‘take control’ of the scene for several reasons, one of which is that I wanted to observe what happened next rather than make it happen.

I didn’t think anyone was in immediate peril or had sufficient life threatening injuries that weren’t being given appropriate immediate assistance. The writer in me took over and I wanted to document the event in my head, yet when I saw the 8 year old boy bleeding and cradled in his father’s arms with his family crowding around and nobody seeming to know what to do next I just instinctively stepped in to help and away it went from there. The old Military Police training kicked in and I couldn’t help myself.

Should I have done more from the beginning? What duty do we have to involve ourselves in such incidents? Is it right to think well there are plenty of other people around and as I was not directly involved, why me? It wasn’t my car, my stall, my family or anyone I knew from a bar of soap. But what if it had been my family? Different story then. Very different story. I am only glad my kids were safe at home and my wife was beside me at the time.

Bin Laden Unarmed When Killed – So What?

Talk to the hand!

I read today how the book written by a former US Navy SEAL who was on the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden includes the ‘shocking’ and ‘controversial’ disclosure that Bin Laden was unarmed when he was killed. So what? Unarmed? So were the 3,000 who died on 9/11. So were the hundreds who died in the US Embassy bombing in Kenya. Bin Laden and his ilk encouraged those who bombed Bali and the dead and wounded there were all unarmed at the time they died, blown to smithereens by some misguided zealot. Palestinians killed in Israeli reprisal raids for HAMAS rocket attacks were as unarmed as the Israeli civilians killed by HAMAS. I could go on but those that get my point have no need for me to belabour it and those who don’t will never understand.

“War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.”
John Stuart Mill
English economist & philosopher (1806 – 1873)

Happy Hiroshima Day

Battle of Shanghai 1937 – A baby cries after the Railway station is bombed by Japanese planes.

As the clock ticks towards 8.45a.m. on this, the 6th day of August, another Hiroshima Day will be remembered around the world. There can be no argument that both bombs caused considerable suffering and were terrible events. This day has become something of an apology day, yet should we apologise? The Japanese suffered far more civilian casualties in the March/April 1945 firebombing raids on Tokyo.  In fact the raid on the night of 9/10 March was more destructive in human lives than Dresden or the two atomic bomb raids on Hiroshima and Nagasaki as single events.

Let us never forget for a moment how horrific such events are. But then again, don’t usurp other people’s suffering to make political points decades later and apply the soft sensibilities of this century’s society to decisions made and actions taken seventy or so years ago. Lest we forget why the bombs were dropped and even if they were partly to send a warning to the Soviet Union, the reasons did include the saving of millions of lives on both sides. The Japanese civilians had suffered during the battles on Saipan, Tinian and Okinawa with thousands committing suicide. Orders had already been given for the execution of Allied POWs should the front line of any invasion of the Home Islands come close to the camps. As harsh as that sounds, militarily it is sound as the Japanese didn’t want to run the risk of the POWs operating as bands of guerillas in their rear areas.

They didn’t just wake up one day and think; “hmmm, let’s wipe out a Japanese city…”

Lest we forget the Rape of Nanking, the slaughter of civilians in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manila and Singapore. After they had captured the cities and resistance was finished! The murder of patients on the operating table and the doctors and nurses trying to protect their patients at hospitals in Hong Kong and Singapore as well as Bataan. Not a once off atrocity but something that happened several times indicating an attitude and disregard for humanity that was prevalent in the Japanese psyche of those days. A disregard I have yet to find in the many wonderful, kind Japanese people I have met in my lifetime, or the many wonderful Japanese people who welcomed my father to their homes and country when he visited there in 1969. There is no doubt Japanese (and Korean and Taiwanese nationals pressed into their military service) committed atrocities and war crimes and there is no doubt their Emperor not only knew but condoned these crimes; including the execution and even cannibalism of captured Allied aircrew (Read ‘Knights of Bushido’ By Lord Russell of Liverpool).

On this day, while we pause and remember those who died in the first atomic bomb let us not forget those who suffered in the events that led up to the dropping of The Bomb. Sadly, we still cause suffering to our fellow humans around the world to this very day, it is apparently part of the human condition. What is also very human is to lie and deny. Don’t let’s swallow the revisionist rubbish that the Japanese did not commit atrocities like Nanking, as some try to do. It is as offensive to the Chinese and others as denying the Holocaust is to Jews and all the others who suffered the Nazi’s Final Solution. Do not persecute today’s Japanese for the sins of their fathers and grandfathers and great-grandfathers. Rather, read up on the history and try to put it in perspective. While history is usually written by the victors, that shouldn’t automatically make it suspect. Read widely, then perhaps do as I have done and visit these places. I have been to Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila, Bataan, Hellfire Pass on the Burma Railway and  many other sites of interest from the Pacific War. I have spoken to people who were there and who lived the history I studied. So today, on Hiroshima Day, by all means commiserate with those who suffered, but remember a lot of people suffered on both sides. Commiserate, but don’t condone either revisionist denial or blanket justification and don’t condemn those who made decisions and took actions that, at the time, were appropriate given the circumstances as they knew them to be. Above all else, understand and ensure we never go down that path ever again. Perhaps then Hiroshima, Nagasaki and every other event and death of that war will have achieved some purpose.

NOTE: Before you Comment, read this account by a Japanese serviceman on the beheading of Flt Lt W.E. Newton VC, and take note of the thinking of the writer, how they felt about what we consider barbarism. Lest We Forget

Execution of Sgt L.G. Siffleet, 1943. Wrongly believed for many years to be the execution of Flt Lt Newton VC. Spare a moment to put yourself in Sgt Siffleet’s place…

Double Standards, Glass Ceilings

Once again women cop it for being women. In Costa Rica a member of parliament and Deputy Minister for Youth, Karina Bolanos has been sacked because a personal video of hers taken over 5 years ago showing her on a bed and in her underwear was broadcast online. Nothing said about the computer engineer Bolanos alleges stole the file off her private computer and then used to blackmail her. Who is the criminal here? A young, attractive woman who has a private video that has nothing to do with her public role becomes the victim of some macho wanker and she is the one to lose her job. She is the one to be publicly embarrassed. She is the one who suffers and of course, the slant is that she is immoral and not fit to be DM of Youth. What rubbish! What macho madness!

If it had been a male deputy minister he would be winked at and back slapped and told what a stud he was and at worst he would receive a slap on the wrist. His morality would never be in question. His ethics, his decency would never be on trial. But because Bolanos has a vagina, she gets spat out and tossed on the heap! It is bloody wrong and yet it happens all the time and not just in religion infested places where medieval misogynistic mindsets still rule. The money making mob known as ‘the church’ (pick any one you like, they all make a ton of cash, tax free) have a vested interest in maintaining ancient and unfair hierarchies, the same for those who twist Islam to their own ends. If it were in the Tribal Areas of Waziristan I could understand but Costa Rica? Sadly it happens here in our society also and this two faced insult to gender equality needs to be stamped out wherever it rears its head.

Think about it fellas…. if it is good that she ‘puts out’ for you how can she be a slut if she ‘puts out’ for someone else next time? Yet it is fine for you to sow your wild oats with as many women as you can? That line of thought never made sense when I was a teenager in the 1970s and it will never make sense. It is wrong. Treating a woman differently than a man over the same issues is wrong, whether biased for or against. If a female member of parliament used public funds to pay for prostitutes for her gratification would it be any worse than the male ones we have standing accused of the same crime now? You bet it would be. Huge media beat up. The male transgressor just has to have his wife say how she forgives him or stands by him as he attempts to clear his name. Imagine if the female MP had her partner stand up for her? Blokes would think he is a wuss, less a man and all that while we applaud Mrs MP for standing by her man. What a two faced, double standard society we are!

There are two things men are better at than women. One is lifting heavy things and any smart woman will easily charm a bloke into doing it for her. the other, standing up to urinate, is vastly overrated.


A disturbing report today of a South African family brutally murdered by their gardener and domestic helper’s son. The details are gruesome and one can only begin to imagine the terror they endured before death mercifully took them. Having worked for a South African company in the past and once enjoying the help of a South African secretary, I must say I am saddened but not surprised by this report. The savagery of these murderers beggars belief but for them it is simply how they do things. The gangs roaming the streets of South African cities are bad enough, but these were trusted employees and relatives of employees. People who benefited from being employed by the people they killed.

One could argue this is what happens when 40 years of apartheid and a couple of hundred years of white minority rule ends. One of the smiling scumbags claimed it was in return for how they had been mistreated by the woman they raped and murdered. Nothing justifies what they did and I seriously doubt she treated them as badly as is often made out in film and story, the archetypal ‘Boer Mevrou’ hating and bastardizing the poor ‘kaffir’. We saw similar atrocities carried out by order of the government of Mugabe in neighbouring Zimbabwe and that country is a basketcase. But blacks suffer there as much as whites and the same is true in South Africa where the rape of black girls and women is about the worst in the world for numbers. The mentality of those ‘men’ means the woman is a second class citizen, a beast of burden, a receptacle. HIV/AIDs is used as a weapon, intentional infection is a game to some carriers. Don’t forget we get more and more African refugees in our country and there has been problems with some. Even documentaries showing groups of young men living together and virtually starving because they don’t have a female to cook for them. They don’t know how to cook and besides, it is beneath their dignity as proud men. Not to mention those who have experienced the horrors of war as impressed soldiers, some as young as 6. The problem is identifying the ones who are potential time bombs from the many decent, law abiding, respectful men and women seeking a better life here in Australia.

It is not a black-v-white thing because we read of similar atrocities committed on their own kind in Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Liberia and basically all over sub-Saharan Africa. Black Africa. So is it a post-colonial thing? Or is it an African thing? Living where I do it should be no surprise I know several black Africans from different countries, some have been through civil war and others came here as skilled migrants. All of them are wonderful people. Period. Bad is not a skin tone thing. No race has the monopoly of nasty. People are pretty nasty to each other all over the world, regardless of race but it seems in Africa many are still as we were a thousand years ago. By we, I mean Europeans. We were pretty nasty to each other, ruthless, savage and so on and the Catholic Church led the way, torturing and killing and stealing in the name of God! In Asia it was no different and the same for South and North America. It is within all of us to be bad, just some are worse than others and some don’t take much to kick off. William Golding wrote of this in ‘Lord of the Flies’ and further back Joseph Conrad had ‘Heart of Darkness’.

Yet there is no denying that it seems to be worse in Africa. Drowning a boy in boiling water! I have felt fear in my lifetime and once or twice I would say it came close to terror, but never actually got there. I have feared for my life but only once did I think I might die.  At times like those the mind will choose to make the body do one of three things: fight, flee or freeze. Armchair experts will second guess such situations and say what they would have done and how it would have worked and so on but the reality is there is no guarantee you will do what needs to be done to live. Even then, it might not work.

When the chips are down, we like to think we will rise to the occasion yet mostly we tend to fall back to the level of our training.

What have you trained your kids to do in an emergency? Have you taught them anything or do you hope emergencies will never happen to them? Just as bad people can be any religion, race, role or relation, emergencies do happen all the time. I once met a South African migrant, been in Sydney 18 hours and was looking to buy a car from me. He left his last car, a Mercedes, back in Johannesburg. Or rather he left it with the three bandits who pointed guns at him and his two daughters when they stopped to obey a traffic signal. They told him to get out of the car and they were going to take it and his two teenage girls or he would be shot. He told them they could have the car, his wallet and phone but they might as well shoot him now because he would not allow them to take his daughters while there was breath left in his body. As he told me this I could tell he was not making it up. I asked him when did that happen and he replied “about five hours before we got the plane here!” He was lucky they took the car and drove off. He got a taxi home with his girls, told the wife to pack a bag and grab the passports and they went to the airport. First flight out was to Singapore, then he transferred to a Sydney flight. He wasn’t even sure if they turned off the TV.

Amurricun Justice

A teenage girl in the USA is facing contempt of court charges, including a fine and 180 days in jail. She was sexually assaulted by two boys who pled guilty to the offence and then, frustrated by the lenient sentence after they plea bargained (an insidious aberration) she Tweeted their names. In doing so, she may be in contempt of the court. She knows she might go to jail and she is ready to do so to protect her rights and make a statement about the state of justice where she lives.

First of all, the so-called justice system in the USA is one based on profit. They have judges who are elected to office and therefore when they lose office, they and their staff are usually out of a job. They have sheriff’s elected to office, so they need to be seen to be ‘tough’ on crime to keep their jobs. They have more of their citizens incarcerated than any other country in the world, per head and in total. Lawyering there is a huge billion dollar business and they have corrupted their system to suit the bottom line. Their prisons are overcrowded and simply places to get raped or killed in rather than rehabilitated. Their racial relations make it a matter of survival that you gang up with your own kind or risk being isolated and eradicated. The guards are paid little better than minimum wage and you can’t expect them to do the professional job they do if their salary was the only benchmark. Like their military, the rich owners of the US don’t deserve the calibre of individual that serves and protects their well upholstered, disassociated asses.

You want the truth? Can you handle the truth? Click on the link below and invest three minutes of your life in getting at least one version of the truth. I love that line, “the only things the USA leads the world in is the number of people in prison, the number of people who believe in angels and the most amount of money spent on the military”.



Whatever Happened To ‘Don’t Be Evil?’

Today I came head to head with American capitalist monopoly might when I tried to once again have Google comply with the law of this land and most others and remove copyright material belonging to me from a blog hosted by them. They refuse, citing freedom of speech and how it doesn’t infringe their policies. Well it infringes mine. What I hate the most is how they are so big and powerful and like most American corporations want to be the biggest and the only show in town so they can rip you off as they please. Read all about some of their evil behaviour here, then think how they are doing this to all of us little people. Talk about disassociated, disconnected and basically evil! When you make billions I guess you begin to think you do own the world and we are here to dance to your tune.

Getting upset and frustrated is not the answer, nor is sending letter bombs or flying small planes into the building. The victory is only of any use if you live to enjoy it and not spend the rest of your life in a cell or worse, die for your cause. You need to realise bringing them down isn’t the answer or the objective and that getting a little justice, just a tad of a fair go, is all you want. Don’t let these things rule and ruin your life. In the grand scheme of things I don’t care enough to get upset what this sociopath says about me or if he steals my photos and uses them to get his rocks off. He is a sad, pathetic individual with a lot of issues and I feel sorry for the people who love him, who too often suffer far more than his victims and targets. I am a target, by the way. Not a victim. To claim victim status would mean he has succeeded when he hasn’t. Not by a long chalk. He is the real issue here, Google are merely an ignorant, giant American sore on the bum of the world, really. They once had a catch phrase, ‘don’t be evil’ but the reality is, they are. They sold out when they went into China, I believe. Agreed to the Chinese government’s demands of censoring their people’s use of the search engine just so they could cash in on this huge market. That’s capitalism for you. We need to accept that we don’t have any real control over these huge corporations, no matter what we like to think or are led to believe.

I think there is a connection between the big corporations, the mindset of their CEOs and owners and the way they treat the little people like you and me, the 99%. I think Google is a very good example of this and my experience with them to date has only underlined this. I fully expect my Adsense account to be frozen and my money there kept, my PayPal account to follow suit,my web sites blocked and ranked so poorly they are never found and so on. That is the price of free speech when you are a little guy. When you are a big guy, you rarely even know the little guys are complaining. Here’s what happened to me today:

Google refuse to remove copyright infringed images on a blog they host. They refuse to remove defamatory and incorrect content citing it is against their policies and spouting about freedom of speech. After trying to use their online system to request removal and getting nowhere, I called the Sydney Google office (9374 4000 or +61-2-9374 4000 international). After hearing the usual recorded press 1 now rubbish, I pressed 8 which got me Emma the receptionist. I asked to be put through to legal and she said I had to send her an email which she would pass on.

I asked to speak to her manager and she said her manager trained her to say this and will say the same thing. She then says she tried to put me through but her manager wasn’t picking up. I asked for her managers name and she replied Google Policy didn’t allow her to give me that. Nor could she tell me the name of the legal people either. No names in fact, except hers and I wonder if it is her real name?

I asked her if she was comfortable working for a company with such policies, it all seemed so secret and uber powerful over us untermenschen. She assured me she was comfortable indeed. Basically the only line of communication offered by this monolith is to send an email to and they promise, cross their hearts, to pass it on. After that, if you get no reply what can you do? You can only do the same thing again and again and hope for a different result. Something Einstein said was the definition of stupidity.

I will be quoting Dow Jones-v-Gutnick, er… google it!

I fully expect my Adsense account to be frozen and all funds within it disappear, as happened to a colleague last month. He is off to the USA to demand his money back, over ten grand!

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