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Virgin On A Disgrace

Virgin Airlines needs to look at its policy of allocating unaccompanied minors seats next to male passengers. To ask the man to move is sexist and discriminatory and defamatory. They should have not allocated either the man to the seat or the two boys. They should have moved the two boys, not the man. But no, easier to make him feel like a criminal than to get the job done right the first time! Sir Richard Branson are you aware of this? A small matter to a billionaire I’m sure but if it had happened tome, a father of five, I would have been ropable! This is another example of how our society is going soft in the wrong places and getting stupid everywhere else. Over correcting political correctness gone wrong! I’m sending them back their frequent flyer card, I’ll drive from now on.

Amurricun Justice

A teenage girl in the USA is facing contempt of court charges, including a fine and 180 days in jail. She was sexually assaulted by two boys who pled guilty to the offence and then, frustrated by the lenient sentence after they plea bargained (an insidious aberration) she Tweeted their names. In doing so, she may be in contempt of the court. She knows she might go to jail and she is ready to do so to protect her rights and make a statement about the state of justice where she lives.

First of all, the so-called justice system in the USA is one based on profit. They have judges who are elected to office and therefore when they lose office, they and their staff are usually out of a job. They have sheriff’s elected to office, so they need to be seen to be ‘tough’ on crime to keep their jobs. They have more of their citizens incarcerated than any other country in the world, per head and in total. Lawyering there is a huge billion dollar business and they have corrupted their system to suit the bottom line. Their prisons are overcrowded and simply places to get raped or killed in rather than rehabilitated. Their racial relations make it a matter of survival that you gang up with your own kind or risk being isolated and eradicated. The guards are paid little better than minimum wage and you can’t expect them to do the professional job they do if their salary was the only benchmark. Like their military, the rich owners of the US don’t deserve the calibre of individual that serves and protects their well upholstered, disassociated asses.

You want the truth? Can you handle the truth? Click on the link below and invest three minutes of your life in getting at least one version of the truth. I love that line, “the only things the USA leads the world in is the number of people in prison, the number of people who believe in angels and the most amount of money spent on the military”.



Unicorns & Rainbows

How soft are we, as a society, getting? I mean really, outrage over some idiot standing on a whale carcass? An ‘offence’ worthy of a fine of $32,000 and/or a prison sentence? I could punch your mother in the throat and get less! What about the young woman punched in the face and given a black eye in Perth the other day? I bet her attacker, if caught, faces little more than a fine or community service and a slap on the wrist. Where are our priorities?

The bloke surfing on the dead whale is only doing what man has done since time began, posing with the kill. OK, he didn’t hunt it and kill it nor will he feed his clan with it but the instinct is still within us. What this says is that we, as a society, are getting softer and softer. Those who look in at us will shake their heads and wonder what all our fuss is about. I’m talking those asylum seekers fleeing a society that sells off its kids for loans to grow and harvest opium, then expects us in the West to fund their lives to the tune of $250 million a year from Australia alone. Meanwhile we rescue asylum seekers off a sinking boat just 38 kilometres off the Indonesian coast, bring them to Christmas Island and send the Royal Flying Doctor to transport two of them to Perth at a staggering $124K a time. Then there is a third that needs a flight only this time we put them on a 737 with two crew and a nurse and guard just hours before a scheduled flight left the island!

But no, none of this is as important as some pinhead posing on a dead whale. Talk about going soft! It’s all unicorns and rainbows and let’s hug the bad out of them. I need a bucket!

Heil Bieber

I just watched the Justin Bieber free concert down at Circular Quay. I tuned in to see thousands of arms raised in nazi-like salutes, only they were holding their mobile phones up, video recording the concert. I can only think there are now some 2,500You Tub clips of a smudge on stage and a lousy sound track of a simple song sung by a simple lad hoping his voice doesn’t break at the wrong time. Thank gawd he got rid of that ridiculous hairstyle. Not that we can say that for copycat Jack Vidgen, winner of one of the multitude of talent shows infesting our airwaves at present. Jack and his hair recently appeared at our local venue, the Rooty Hill RSL club. The notice board had been advertising his July 14 appearance for over 6 weeks and still was when I drove past on the 17th. Someone thinks he’s bigger than I do. Same for Bieber. I bet they held up their cell phones for him, too. The first incidence of this was at Woodstock in 1968, then for Yoko Ono in Toronto in 1969 when the crowd were asked to light up matches to welcome her Plastic Ono Band on stage. After Bic released their lighters in 1973 it was burnt thumbs for everybody and today, cell phone videos. Of course there is a rumour Apple have developed an app to shut down any iPhones being used to record concerts, so the promoters can sell the DVD of the performance, of course. Hey, I would always prefer a free, crappy, fuzzy cell phone recording over buying a high quality digital version….

I’m sure both lads are nice people and both are being well managed to make someone a motza, Hopefully they get their fair share. I noticed how the young girls of today carry on just as those in the 1930s did over Bing Crosby, 1940s with Frank Sinatra, 50s and Elvis Presley, 60s and the Beatles, 70s and Bay City Rollers, 80s and INXS, 90s and INSERT NAME OF BOY BAND, ANY BOY BAND and the 2000s and … I lost track. Sorry but I m 50 and no longer care about popular music, I never listen to it. I remember the music of my teens and twenties best, we all do. It was influential and formative. But I never went ga-ga over the performers; that is a teen chick thing. Must be down to the hormones.

The point is, don’t blame Justin, or his shadow Jack. They are just the latest thing in a line of bread and circuses going back before Nero played with matches. As someone said to me once, ‘you can never underestimate the lack of good taste in the average citizen’ and who teenage girls get gooey over and reality TV is the living proof. I take great pride in boasting my teenage daughter and the four sub-teens are as non-plussed over Justin et al as I am. They also share my views on imaginary friends and mythical supernatural omnipotent icons. Now is that nature or nurture?

That’s Gonna Leave A Mark

Ok, how about this? A boy in the USA was shot through the head with a spear when a spear gun was being loaded, directly in front of him. What was his friend the spear gun loader thinking? I’ll just point this lethal weapon at the closest 16 year old and… oops! He now has a third eye, apparently. Perhaps it was fortunate to hit him in the head, anywhere else might have done real damage, maybe even killed him. Bottom line, it had to have hurt and it is going to leave a mark.

The Trifecta of Stupid III

Could This Be The Erudite Peter Coleman?

I just received this comment in response to one of my posts (The Trifecta of Stupid II) 

“you must be on drugs nearly every crime is committed by some black piece of shit , if these non white vermin were deported Australia would be a paradise , whey dont you be a man and stand up , licking the arse of niggers and jews and poofers just shows how gutless you are in wanting to crawl to what is politically correct
what a crawling piece of shit you are you fat piece of nigger loving shit”

I was surprised that the person commenting used what seemed to be his real name, Peter Cxxxxxx (fullname was supplied), and his real email address, <>. I suspected someone was using their name and address so before going any further with this, I offered Mr Cxxxxxx the opportunity to confirm or deny he wrote this. As the content of his post may possibly contravene laws in Australia regarding the inciting of racial hatred and so forth, I felt it the responsible thing to do to point this out and give him the chance to withdraw his post. My email to him was:

“Mr Cxxxxxx,
did you really send this to my blog and if so, do you want me to publish it? I am happy to do so and will include your email address and name so others may have the right of reply, directly. I might point out that your comment is in contravention of the laws regarding the inciting of racial hatred and vilification and might result in your being investigated by the AFP.
  {I inserted his post here}
While I appreciate feedback and accept constructive criticism, I don’t think your post is anything other than vitriolic cant. However, we are all entitled to our opinions. If I do not hear from you within 24 hours I will go ahead and publish your comment as requested.”

In under half an hour he replied with this:

“a free e mail address , did u spend all your money on bargirls in Asia has 10 totals after its name and cant afford real e mail address a group of druggies do something and it thinks its something to do with generation y your problem is you cant get a woman and u want to take it out on everyone  else you picked the wrong person to threaten ,”

Quickly followed by:

“just as I thought a gutless sniveller, oh im going to publish your e mail and address, look fat boy take your hair receding head and go to the Philippines where you have a chance of buying a woman ,  ha ha what a joke you snivelling weakling”

I replied with:

“Mr Cxxxxxx, I don’t make threats, I take action. I was merely informing you what I would be doing as your comment is in violation of the law regarding racial vilification and so forth. I have no idea why you feel so threatened by my post, obviously there are issues you have to deal with in that regard.
Feel free to come and see me and repeat your remarks to my receding hairline and that is not a threat, it is an invitation. Perhaps if you were to discuss this matter in a rational, civilised manner you might learn something of the issues, yourself and of me.
His reply?

“then report me , and while your at it buy a e mail address and some free advice re business ,  it has been proven in business that people react better to non ugly people , so get rid of your photo ,im not a coward like you that needs to crawl and be politically correct or threaten people with the few readers of his web sitemaybe u should go back to the Philippines where you can be the big white man and they don’t notice you have a free e mail address , strange that u say something is illegal and then u choose to publish it ,,, weird”

I was having so much fun I wrote back:

“It is not illegal for me to reprint what you wrote, merely for you to utter it. I could be wrong on the legalities and be judged an accessory or something. I do know that such racial hatred and homophobia is often indicative of bigger issues and you should know my tolerance for those suffering mental illnesses is higher than most. I have never considered myself politically correct, except where political correctness is applied to give a fair and even handling to a matter or issue.

Beauty is subjective and I don’t personally rate men by their appearance,  not my thing but you are welcome to your idiosyncracies. Very often homophobia is actually a fear of oneself being homosexual and this, of course, explains the anger and hatred displayed towards homosexuals. I will leave my photo there as a way of standing by what I write, my opinions and so forth. I don’t know what the problem is with the ‘free email address’ you seem to have. Do you sell email addresses for a living, perhaps?

I forgive you  your trespasses against me  and I wish the best. I can tell from the poor standard of your written expression and your word choice you are to be pitied rather than pilloried. I might remove the post and save you the embarrassment etc.


He has just responded with:

“yes fear of having your house being broken into must be a fear of being dishonest as well , I could not stand to be fat and ugly with hair going  but u are not alone there , the Philippines is the place for u , they show more attention to the ugly ones as they can get more money out of them ,Embarrassment,, u certainly chose the wrong person ,ive already told u to do what you like free e mail is the certain tip off to poverty no matter how many fake letters after a name”

I will let Mr Cxxxxxx have the last word then and I won’t bother replying as it won’t make any difference to him or his attitudes. I have no idea, yet, why he feels so strongly about my position as stated in the post. I think his vitriolic outburst tells us more about him than it could ever say about his opinion of me. What I find so galling is his inability to spell, compose a decent sentence or do anything other than rant. Obviously he has issues and these no doubt stem from his childhood.
Actually, Peter Cxxxxxx runs a Militaria Shop online, not far from my place in cyber terms. I left a message on his mobile and perhaps he will call me back and explain, or just abuse me. His choice. I must say I spent an enjoyable half hour looking at the collectibles (mostly WW2 German) he has for sale and if those prices are any indication, I have enough stuff in my family collection to pay off my house. My mother’s side of the family are German and I have a ton of stuff handed down from my Grandfather who was a card carrying Nazi. As they say, you can’t pick your relatives but I wonder if Opa and Mr Cxxxxxx would get on?
You see, for a three digit member number with the NSDAP and a member of the S.A., or Brownshirts, Opa was actually transferred from duty in a concentration camp for refusing to carry out orders he considered against German Army Regulations… and for sharing his bread ration with prisoners. While Mr Cxxxxxx makes his living buying and selling relics and curios of the Nazi’s, my Opa was one, after a fashion. He and his wife hid a Jewish family in their garden shed for two years until one cold winter’s Sunday in 1944 they took food to them only to find they had left in the night. That family were their friends, the father had served with Opa in WW1 and helped them during the Great Depression and Opa never let his friends down, whatever their religion. I think Opa would not think much of Mr Cxxxxxx and his opinions. He believed in a strong Germany, but not at the expense of basic human compassion and doing what was right.

Bloke in the brown shirt with the mustache… Actually Opa is right in front of the swastika, Berlin 1932. I wonder what his uniforms and papers would be worth today? I might see if Mr Cxxxxxx would give me a good price, then I’d donate the money to the Sydney Holocaust Museum!

You can’t defend the indefensible and the Holocaust not only happened, it was an abomination and better men and women than me or Mr Cxxxxxx fought against it, on all sides, too many paying the ultimate price. Sadly there is still such prejudice and hatred in this world for those who are not the same as ourselves. I have counted as my friends and comrades ‘niggers, jews and poofters’ and proudly served my country alongside men and women Mr Cxxxxxx doesn’t, in my opinion, deserve to stand in the same country as. The beautiful thing about this nation of ours, is that he is allowed to stand here, to hold his opinions and even, I guess, to express them. I know what Opa would have said, but I doubt I can print that!

Thirty Cents

In the UK a young woman was refused a bus ride home from a night out because she was 20p, about thirty cents, short. The bus driver refused to let her ride for less than the full fare and no one on the bus offered to help her out. This was the last bus of the night, just a few weeks before Christmas. As she walked along the road towards a meeting point arranged with her mother via cellphone, she was dragged into a park and raped and beaten by a 19 year old piece of scum called Joseph Moran. When the woman was found by police at 4am they were able to arrest Moran shortly after. The photo clearly shows he didn’t have things all his own way and the brave young woman fought back as best she could. She did not go gently into that good night!

Moran is behind bars and hopefully getting the kind of attention he deserves from some of the other inmates. The woman has not been named but if she ever reads this blog, I hope she takes some comfort in the fact that her bravery and courage to fight back and to pursue her attacker through the courts until some kind of justice has been achieved has not gone unnoticed across the world. Well done young lady.

As for those on the bus who refused to help… It is a sd reflection of our modern society. I offered to chip in a few cents to help a man who was trying to buy a loaf of bread, allegedly for his kids because they hadn’t eaten and he was waiting for his unemployment money to come through. Yet when I offered to buy the loaf he went off at me and stormed out of the shop. I guess his kids went hungry. Would I offer to help someone like him again? Of course I would. None of us know if Life is about to deal us a hand that we find difficult to play.  Today at ALDI there was a little 2 year old girl running around looking for her parents. She wasn’t crying yet so I figured they weren’t far. I called out “Anyone lost a little Indian girl?” as she was obviously of Indian/Pakistani heritage. Her father was coming down the aisle and probably had seen her right as I called out. He gave me a withering look but so what? I have had my kids run off on me and I know how frantic you can become just seconds after they disappear. I will never let myself become involved in a James Bulger type situation for fear of speaking up and having people stare at me.

Earlier I had been in a carpark visiting a friend who was running a sausage sizzle to raise moeny for a literary magazine he is publishing. A young woman who had parked her car diagonally in the bay was reversing, straight into a large, white station wagon stopped by traffic behind her. She came within inches and was clearly not stopping when I yelled out ‘STOP!”. She and everything else in the carpark stopped, then she took fifteen attempts to reverse this tiny car out of the bay and drive off. It was scary to watch as she was not displaying L plates or even P plates, but was supposedly a licensed and experienced driver. Should I have yelled out? I think so. Although she is probably insured and it wasn’t my car she was about to hit, the fact remains it would have caused expense and complications for the owner of the whit car. why should he or she suffer because of this irresponsible and incompetent driver if my intervention might avoid a collision (which it did)?

Of course we have all heard too many accounts of Good Samaritans stepping in and getting beaten up or killed, but like a sailor going to sea, you pick your weather. Exercise some common sense and good judgment and think about what you are about to do. But don’t hesitate if the situation demands action right now. Remember James Bulger, may he rest in peace. If someone had done a little more, perhaps, just perhaps…

The Trifecta of Stupid II

This woman in New Jersey, USA (where else) is accused of endangering her 5 year old daughter by taking her into a tanning booth. She denies the charge and of course, despite the fact she looks like Al Jolson’s sister, she is entitled to the presumption of innocence. But really, take a look at this woman. She says she loves tanning. OK, but why the aversion to mirrors? I mean has she seen herself lately? I know, I am being judgmental, but we all are. We discriminate, too. Every time we choose coffee over tea or chicken instead of the beef we discriminate. We can’t choose everything and the fact we are offered choices only perpetuates the discrimination we exercise. Yet isn’t discrimination a bad thing?

Perhaps it is, at least when we discriminate for the wrong reasons. But who decides which reasons are good and which are bad? Keep in mind we make our choices based on a number of things, one of which is our culture and societal programming. To some people in our community it is OK to treat women like goods or providers of services, to have them wear clothing that positions them in the hierarchy of their social group and so on. Then we have those who want to be brown and brown people who want to be white, like the late Michael Jackson and millions of women in the Philippines and India. Skin whitening cream is the biggest seller in pharmacies in both countries. Some kind of insecurity throwback to colonial days, I guess and not something I think they need. Especially not now, in the 21st Century, the time of the emergence of BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. A move away from the Anglo-centric world of previous centuries.

I think the face of Australia has changed, but many still expect to see an Anglo-Celtic face on billboards and in ads on TV or in magazines, despite a quick peak at the platform of any railway station at peak hour, at least in Sydney or Melbourne, will show we have a lot more brown faces standing next to the white ones. We have some ‘yellow’ faces for want of a more PC hue for those Asiatic people not quite white and not quite brown, with some very black ones here and there, too. Of course there will be some teething problems and adjustments to be made on all sides but we have always done that From adjusting to having white people landing on shores owned by aboriginal people, to free settlers among our convict originals to those from Europe before and after the World Wars to later waves from South East Asia and lately, from South Asia, the Middle East and Africa and everywhere else. We adjust, they adjust and eventually we change and grow. But not everyone.

Yesterday some of our nation’s finest used a chainsaw to defend their decision to annoy everyone else in the street with their loud music and dangerous driving. When questioned their attitude was typically bogan, or yobbo or whatever term you wish to use. On the other hand, there was a tragic murder suicide involving a migrant family. The point is, you can’t paint everyone with the same brush. There is good and bad in every ethnic community, religion, racial group or however you want to divide us up and analyse us. None of this excuses the Trifecta of Stupid. The scary thing about these people, no matter who they are, where they live, where they came from or what colour their skin is…. they can vote, breed and drive on the roads. You can’t stop them doing any of the three, so the best thing is to not be a part of the problem. Open your mind, think outside the envelope and accept that we live in a society made up of very different people from very different origins and that is our strength.  So ask yourself a few simple questions. Who did you vote for? How are your kids being brought up? How good a driver are you, really? Ignorance is based on fear, usually of the unknown. Knowledge dispels fear so educate yourself. Think about that, then find someone with a different skin tone and say G’Day! Find out that behind that skin tone there is a human being, more alike than different to you. You never know, you might make a friend.

Police Save Lives And Cop A Blast For Doing So

The shooting of two criminals in Sydney’s Kings Cross over the weekend has given the media the feeding frenzy they need to sell ads and maintain ratings. A stolen car full of teenagers attempted to escape from the police and the driver drove the car onto a crowded footpath and allegedly struck a female pedestrian. The police shot at the driver to stop him, hitting him and the front seat passenger. Then they removed them from the vehicle and attempted to handcuff them, however at least one criminal was passively resisting or at least refusing to allow the officer to handcuff him and so he was punched to gain compliance. All of this was filmed, as is usual nowadays, on a mobile phone camera. The police acted decisively in a very tense and rapidly changing situation… now the arm chair experts chip in, safe from their upscale suburban homes and tax payer funded parliamentary offices.

First of all the criminals were minors. The father of the 17 year old front passenger moans how his son was treated as an adult, not a minor. I’m sorry, but a 17 year old doesn’t have a sign on him saying he is not 18 yet. He looked pretty adult and full grown to me and never forget, he was in a stolen car that was being driven on a crowded footpath. The driver was 14 and those in the back included a 13 year old. So? Old enough to do the crime, old enough to be dealt with the same as anyone else. They refused police directions to stop like adults, they stole a car like adults, they drove it on the footpath like adults and they weren’t behaving like my 13 year old does. If age is so relevant in this situation, how old was the car? Old enough to be stolen and driven into innocent pedestrians on a footpath.

The next issue is those teenage criminals were indigenous. so now the Police have to liaise with the indigenous community to keep things calm. Why? Criminals are criminals regardless, surely? Why do they get special treatment? It is the same with any ethnic community other than Anglo-Europeans. How racist is that? And we keep pandering to them so it is no wonder they feel special.

Worst of all is the Greens MP who says the Police should have shot at the tyres. Mr David Shoebridge… get real. Get real. This is not the movies. Apart from having seen bullets bounce off tyres (used as a backstop at a pistol range) tyres don’t matter when the driver still has the intent to drive the car on its rims and run over more people. Shoebridge, these officers have to make split second life or death decisions and then stand by them months later in calm, quiet courtrooms while people like you who know nothing, have never done anything and probably don’t have the guts to ever do anything have to clean up the mess made all too often by do-gooding people like you and your political party. Stay in parliament, Shoebridge because I can’t think of a single serving officer who would want you one of your ilk beside them in such a situation. Back-up? I think the only compound word with back in it politicians understand is back-stab, but I digress.

To all of you living in that perfect world in your heads, the criminals stole a car and refused to stop, drove onto a footpath and risked the lives of law abiding citizens. When stopped in the only sensible and immediately effective manner available to the officers on the scene the criminals continued to refuse police direction. As for comments of being ‘forced to lie face first in a pool of his own blood’, the footage shows him lying there and his neck is bleeding. Punched? Yes because it is obvious the criminal is refusing to be handcuffed. Dragged? Yes, away from the car where officers have three other criminals to manage and to be searched for weapons. As for the fact these criminals are Aboriginal…so what? If they were all left handed would it rate a mention? Let’s not give the media and the midget minded fuel. The sooner we treat everyone equally the better.

If that were my 17 year old son I would be grateful the Police bullets didn’t kill him. It would hurt to watch the footage but as the father admits, his son is ‘known to police’. I would hazard he has been ‘known’ as a little criminal mongrel since he was in primary school. Don’t blame the police for dealing effectively with a lethal situation. Ask that father why his 17 year old boy was running loose in a stolen car trying to run down pedestrians and police. Where was he when the boy was growing up and needed a solid role model?

I am the first to hammer the police when I think they have over stepped the mark but I am not going to stand back and allow these officers to be hung out to dry for doing a very tough job in very dangerous circumstances simply because the world is getting soft and swallowing the line that so long as we keep spending and especially with credit cards all will be well. But that’s another blog for another time.

Sick, Sad, Depraved. It’s Not Just Charity That Begins At Home

Read this, then shake your head in wonder. How can anyone treat anyone like this, let alone a sibling? Some might say that these people are African and Africans are still pretty savage and primitive and in many ways there is still a lot of primitive and savage behaviour found in Africa… but that isn’t the answer. This is a human thing. All of our ancestors believed in witchcraft and similar supernatural concepts. Many in our so called civilized western world still do. There are many people who do cruel things to people, even their own children and they don’t try to blame witchcraft, so let’s not point the finger, or the bone, at any race. Like I said, this is a human thing.

Run a search using words like ‘boy+tortured+parents’ and see how many articles there are. Just this past week I read two reports of parents torturing their little children. Why? The only reason I can think of is that they are psychotic, brought about by substance abuse or circumstance. By circumstance I mean they were brought up that way and know no different. The cycle of poverty, low IQ, lack of education and abuse creates a class of human who can still create life, they just have no idea how to nurture it.

How we treat each other is a major issue for us all, at grass roots level. It is not confined to any social class but it is more prevalent in low socioeconomic classes. It is not confined to any one race but it is more prevalent in some than others, but not because that race is genetically inferior, so don’t go down that path. That race is that way because of other factors, not genetics. Given a fair run anyone from any race can achieve anything. The reality is that for many, there is no fair run. Even for those where society attempts to level the playing field, too often they or someone influential near them sabotages any chance they have of making worthwhile change.

Like I always say; if you can’t be a part of the solution, don’t be a part of the problem. How do you treat other people? Start with your loved ones, then move to your friends and work outwards to neighbours and colleagues and then consider strangers and people of other classes and races. Do you give them all a fair go or lump them all into the same pile because of the actions of some? If we are going to change the way we as a society think and interact, then we need to start with the person we have the most influence and control over. Ourselves.


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