Can You Spell Disconnected? II

While my aged pensioner parents struggle on a pension of about $400 a week for the pair of them after a lifetime of service, including 27 years with the Colours and never paying less than a quarter of their income back to the government in tax, politicians get more money. This is a disgrace and a travesty and every politician that takes the money should hang their heads in shame! The people you are supposed to represent in parliament are suffering while you get further and further away from reality, cushioned by huge salaries and privileges.

That arrogant, self-righteous, pompous ass of an idiot, Graham Richardson, claims pollies deserve it. He has so little respect for the average Australian he uses the spurious excuse of “There are 25-year-old kids walking around in merchant banks these days earning $300,000 a year.” to justify this recent hike. The second this year! Richardson you pill! Show me a 25 year old making $300,000 in a merchant bank. Then show me another and stop calling grown people ‘kids’. At 25 I had already served my country for seven years… what did you do other than crawl up the butt of some Labor Party lawyer and start feathering your own nest at our expense.

The Prime minister now gets $495,430 p.a. plus all the perks of office and we know she will ‘salary sacrifice’ most of her income into her super fund so she doesn’t pay income tax on it. Of course unlike everyone else in the country, politicians can access their superannuation long before they come close to retirement age! Don’t be surprised, they planned it that way, it is all a game to them. The game of politics, which they claim is rough and nasty, is also very lucrative and they know it. They get to lord it over the people they are supposed to represent, yet rarely do unless the cause suits them and their party.

A backbencher will now make $190,550 a year and that drip feed gone wrong Richardson says they should get $250-300K. Why? Because those are the salaries of disconnected people in private enterprise? OK, but in private enterprise if you don’t sell, you go broke. All pollies have to do is raise taxes or invent a new one like the Carbon Tax gouge. They don’t have to be successful or even accountable, just ask Peter Garrett and the families of the four who died in his mismanaged travesty with roof insulation. If you are useless, you get a new job because you may be an idiot but you are a connected idiot. Not connected to the real world but the make believe one politicians float around in. All of them.

Greens leader Christine Milne criticised the decision, but is she handing the extra money back? I don’t think she did back in March when they got the first back hander. C’mon Milne, show some leadership and refuse the money! Don’t take it and give it to charity, that is not the point. Save the taxpayer a motza and make the pollies refuse this rise! This independent remuneration tribunal is a joke. It is an escape clause set up by pollies so they can swear blind they don’t want the money but they have to take it as it is policy and besides, it was an independent tribunal and all. Give me a break!

We are all doing it tough except for the disconnecteds like Rineheart and her $2million an hour income and you politicians who she manipulates. You are an evil lot, enjoying the tax payer’s largesse while telling us there is no money for aged pensions, single mums or even our defence forces. You squander billions on failed political points scoring you call policies and we suffer. Term in, term out. It has always been so and I guess, short of a revolution, always will be. But then if we revolt, who do we replace you with? Better the devil you  know and all that. All I ask is that you acknowledge, even if only to your reflection in one of those four in the morning moments we all have; they know! We know. We, the people know. We know you are lying, thieving, egotistical, inept, corrupt and downright selfish bastards but I guess someone has to do the job and most of us are above it. Go on, piss off. I’ve had enough of you stenching up my blog. It’s not as if this will make any difference whatsoever, right?

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