Burqa On Trial 2

Tasneem X, the woman who prefers not to show her face to men

The Muslim woman who doesn’t wish to remove her niqab (veil) covering her face that I reported on a few posts back has put her side of the situation to the media. Tasneem has made it clear her not wanting to show her face to men other than her husband is not a religious requirement. To my mind that means she must remove the veil when giving testimony.

She has said she would prefer to give her testimony via video link up from a separate room with a woman present. I don’t have a problem with that as it is something we do for other witnesses for various reasons. I have my own views on the mindset of someone who doesn’t want other men to see her but I will keep them to myself. The world is full of eccentric people who aren’t like ‘most people’ in the society they are a part of and that isn’t a crime. At least not yet.

I believe she has made it clear there is no reason she gets special treatment other than her own personal choice. I don;t think that is sufficient reason to make an exception because of the precedent it sets. Perhaps I would like to appear nude in public because it is how I prefer to be and has nothing to do with my religious beliefs but it is a decision I made some years ago. Where do we draw the line?

A Balaclava, or ski-mask. As used by bank roobers, rapists and people needing warm clothing for their head.

This is a Ninja.

Balaclavas as worn by terrorists of the IRA

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