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Phot Courtesy International Society for Human Rights

In Perth a Judge is deciding whether to allow a Muslim woman to appear as a witness in a fraud case while wearing the full face covering burqa (burka, niqab etc). I don’t see what the problem is. The answer should be an unequivocal ‘NO!’

If she wants a Driver’s License or a passport, she needs to show her face. That is the law and you can see the notices to that affect on the Post Office wall and at the RTA. If we were to enter a bank wearing a full face motorcycle helmet, a balaclava or a clown mask, we would be breaking the law and even if there for legal reasons, they would refuse to serve you. Why not a woman wearing a burqa? Someone in that garb has already tried that stunt so there is precedence. It (armed robbery by burqa wearing crim) has happened here, it is not just something that might happen one day.

In our system of courts, laws and justice (never make the mistake of confusing one for the other) the accused has the right to see their accuser and that includes witnesses against them. If they did not have that right then, like often happens in many other countries and especially those that insist on wearing the burqa, anyone could accuse anyone of anything. And when it comes to women, they all too often do, as you can read in a recent post.

In Pakistan for example, to prove she was raped a woman has to produce four male witnesses, otherwise she is considered the guilty party and punished accordingly and barbarically. Common sense would beg the question what were four grown men doing witnessing such a heinous crime and not doing anything to prevent it? It is ludicrous but it is their law, their way and I respect their right to live under such laws. In their country. But in ours, they should and must live under ours or leave.

I know I risk sounding like one of the torch and pitchfork brigade but I am adamant. I do not travel to certain countries because I do not like or agree with their culture and way of living. Is that a crime? I’m not about to roll out the old ‘many of my friends are Muslim/Gay/Left Handed’ line because I don’t have any Muslim friends and very few of my acquaintances are Muslim. The only reason for this is that I don’t choose my friends or acquaintances based on their religion, ethnicity or orientation and like most humans I tend to gravitate towards my own kind, don’t they?  I don’t vilify or incite racial hatred of these people or agitate for them to overthrow their governments or discard their way of life. But in this country I will take a stand for the culture we have. A culture that has more than enough to offer to attract them here in the first place.

We are a migrant nation and we have plenty of room for more. I welcome my fellow migrants but with two proviso’s. One, join the queue and come here legally. Two, respect our laws and culture and adapt and assimilate, don’t try and force us to change to accommodate you.

That is precisely what must happen in that Perth court room on Friday when the hearing is scheduled to go ahead. The woman must either uncover her face or refuse to take the stand and the prosecution must proceed with her sworn testimony as her only evidence. If the court rejects it without her testimony then so be it, but then prosecute her for Contempt. What do you think about wearing the burqa? Please, no racial vilification, just reasoned argument.

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