Bouncing Baby Boy

A passer by in Paris caught a baby boy after he bounced off an awning following a fall from an 8th floor window. The 18 mon th old boy was left in the care of his 3 year old sister while his parents went for a stroll. Police are questioning the parents and rightly so. Apart from the amazing good fortune and sheer luck this boy enjoyed, what does this say about his parents and their total lack of common sense?

I could never leave my 3 year old and 18month old children alone and I never have. Even now their 12 year old sister is left in charge for very brief periods with backup form her 7 year old sister and we live in a single storey house with lockable doors, secured external gates and so on.

How old should kids be when they are left to look after themselves and each other? I recall at 5 with a 6 year old sister being left on our own as both parents had to work and so during the holidays we would get up after they had left. Breakfast would be waiting for us and then we would take the bus to mum’s workplace and spend the day there, bored stiff. That was in the mid-sixties. There were bad people around in those days too but somehow we managed. But a 3 year old in charge of a 1.5 year old? In an 8th floor flat?

What do you think?

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