Been A Little Busy

Lately I have been busy with other matters, all the while the world has kept turning and one disaster after another has struck. I wonder how many people in Tsunami struck parts of Japan had an Emergency Food Supply they could rely on for the days, sometimes weeks after the disaster strikes? Living where I do the worst we have suffered this year so far has been a five hour blackout one Saturday night. Fortunately we had candles and a BBQ and made it fun for the kids. If it had gone on for 24 hours though we would have lost food in the freezer if I hadn’t been able to get the camping fridge going on the LPG bottle. Luckily frozen will stay that way for some time and chest freezers more so than uprights, so long as you don’t keep opening the door.

I have been writing eBooks for a US client covering finance, credit, mortgages and investments for Australia and it has been an education. Doing the research and writing the books has made me a fan of calculators like the Mortgage Payment Calculator and another one that calculates compound interest, how much you need to save to reach a set target and so on. These are important tools for your financial safety management. We often think of natural disasters and wild animals, car wrecks and robbery, but who considers the risk and harm of losing your job?

It pays to be financially safe as well as in all the other ways. I’ll write more on that soon.

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