A Trip To The Tutt Might Be The Death Of You

A Trip To The Toilet And A Trip In The Toilet Can Be Life Threatening

We have a lot of faith in our medical professionals and for the most part it is faith well founded. They are well trained, dedicated and they do work hard. I have yet to meet one who would knowingly harm anyone. That kind of attitude simply doesn’t make it through the many years of study and training to become a Registered Nurse (3 year degree) or a doctor (at least 6 or 7 years).

Yet too often we hear of people suffering because they were incorrectly diagnosed or treated. In a recent tragic case in the UK a woman died after surgery to remove a foreign object from her buttocks failed. It was the third operation she had undergone to remove what was found to be a 15cm piece of a toilet brush handle. Apparently some years before she had fallen in a friend’s bathroom and the item had inserted itself into her buttock flesh.

Subsequent examinations including x-rays failed to identify the cause of her pain and she was sent home with some pain killers and orders to rest. By the time she was correctly diagnosed the matter had become far more serious and life threatening. In the end, it killed her.

In 1985 I was sharing a terrace house in Paddington with a mate and his girlfriend. One morning they had both left for work early and I was getting ready to go to my own place of employment. As I stepped from the shower I slipped and sprawled forward, my right arm instinctively shooting out to break my fall. While it did stop me from smashing my face into the toilet seat, my arm shot down the bowl and became trapped behind the U-bend.

I was now naked, cold, wet, on my own and stuck in the toilet. I faced at least nine hours before anyone would come home and find me. If they couldn’t retrieve my arm from the porcelain grip of the lav, they would have to call for help. I could just imagine the jokes thrown around the muster room at the local fire station at my expense.

This was a potentially serious and possibly life threatening situation. As I said, I was cold and wet, on my knees on a cold tiled floor and it was mid winter. I could suffer hypothermia and while I might not die in the 8 or 9 hours I would have to wait for help, I wouldn’t be very well when it arrived. If it arrived. I just then remembered both of my flatmates were meeting me for drinks and a movie after work. If I didn’t turn up they would figure I had changed my mind and they wouldn’t be home until nearly midnight. It was now not even 8am. I had to save myself.

I wondered if I could rip the toilet bowl out of the floor and pull it from the wall and drag it to where I could get a hammer and smash it open. I weighed up how much it would cost me to repair and replace the toilet and cistern, not to mention any damage if the pipes burst and decided I needed to try some other, cheaper and less final options first.

I thought of trying to reach the shampoo bottle on the floor with my foot and maybe using it as a lubricant but it was beyond my reach. I then got very frustrated and angry, braced myself against he bowl with my free arm and pulled with all my strength. Next thing I’m flying back through the air to land on my butt with a sore and red marked arm held triumphantly aloft! I was free and no one need ever know my embarrassing secret of near death down a toilet bowl.

As funny as that situation ended up, it could have been as tragic as the UK lady who died from injuries suffered when she tripped in the toilet. What is even sadder is that the lady did try to seek help and she did it more than once and at more than one hospital, yet she still paid with her life.

So even if you seek medical help you might still suffer. You might be mis-diagnosed or even turned away and your concerns played down. This is where you MUST listen to your inner voice. Twenty five years ago I had severe headaches for several days. I knew, I just instinctively knew these were not migraine headaches. I knew it was more serious than that and I was right. I was suffering from an attack of Viral Meningitis. At first I had also been sent home from hospital with instructions to take some pain killers and go to bed but I knew that wouldn’t do the trick so I returned and insisted on a more thorough examination. I had to stand up for myself.

That is what you must do. Be polite, be respectful but be firm that if you believe you are not getting the treatment you need, then keep looking until you do get it. Your life could literally depend upon it.

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