A Good Idea At The Time MkIII

I love this photograph. The things boys will get up to! I remember sticking my head between some railings and almost having to call for help to extricate myself. Like many things in my life I was lucky with this one, too. I managed to get myself unstuck and avoid the embarrassment. Not so this poor lad. You have to wonder what was he thinking? Perhaps it was a simple case of carrying the chair over his head and it slipped down as it grew heavy, then before he knew it the thing was stuck there.

Or perhaps he was just curious? They say curiosity killed the cat but the truth is that every invention we have today came about because someone was curious, usually a man. Without that inane curiosity we would never have discovered the world or made it to the moon. The discovery reason is a bit dodgy as the world was always there and so too were the myriad civilizations already existing in these newly ‘discovered’ lands. It adds to the ‘Euro-centric’ view but given history and geopolitics I guess that is understandable.

Sometimes these good idea at the time things actually pan out. When they do we call them strokes of genius. When they don’t…

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