A Good Idea At The Time MkII

Two blokes in western Victoria shot each other in the buttocks and legs with an air rifle ‘to see if it would hurt’. Apparently it did and after two days they sought medical help to remove the pellets. The doctors however have elected to leave them in as it would be more damaging to remove them. No surprise the men were drinking when they decided to give this a go. However the Law of Unforeseen Consequences has taken a hand in the matter.

All gunshot injuries must be reported to the police. These include air rifle pellet wounds. As a result the man who owned the air rifle has had it confiscated by the Police and any other firearms he was also licensed to own. If he is charged then he will be found guilty of firearms offences and regardless of the facts, that never looks good on any resume. If he wants to travel overseas, many countries, including our own, ask if you have ever had a criminal record and if yes, what for.

In today’s climate of a terrorist under every head scarf this will no doubt make life difficult for him sooner or later. The connection between guns and alcohol can once again be made and the sum of the equation is Gun + Alcohol = Stupidity in this case. In all too many instances the end result is Tragedy. Having been shot in the finger by an air rifle when I was a teen I can attest to the pain and the fact the wound might bleed profusely. Although it was 33 years ago, I still have the scar to remind me that even air rifles can hurt.

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