A Good Idea At The Time MkI

It’s been quite a week in this world. We have had 12 people shot dead in some sleepy English towns for no reason other than they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. In Brussels a judge and court officer were killed by a man with a revolver who had sat in the gallery for the entire proceedings of that family law case.

Meanwhile closer to home there have been several murders and other serious crimes that make you wonder what is the world coming to. Of course it has always been a violent world, ever since the place opened for business a zillion years ago. That is the nature of man and the world we live in.

What has changed is mass communication methods. Whereas once we were limited to how far we could walk to market on a saturday, now we travel the globe in an eyeblink via the internet. We no longer know everybody living in our community and our communities are much. More people means more of everything, good and bad.

But no matter how violent we may be as a species, there is something that really twists my Wa when it comes to obviously dumb things to do. Like sitting in the middle of the road. A man has been killed when he was struck by a ute driven by a young man out in the country. Why was he sitting in the middle of the road? Why did the ute driver not see him in time to avoid him?

No doubt there will be several factors at play that caused the tragedy but the main one surely has to be the decision to sit in the middle of the road. One of those ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time’ moments. The mind boggles.

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