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Never Judge A Book By The Cover Or The Date Of Publication

There is nothing I wish to say about this piece of offal that I can publish on this site. Let that suffice. On the topic in general, though, this makes a point about our perception of the aged and the disabled. While today’s 65 may be the new 55 and I am the first to admit we no longer seem to ‘age’ the way we did when I was a teen, we still tend to place age limits on various activities. We seem to be amazed that someone past retiring age has leapt out of an aeroplane on a tandem sky dive or returned to university for a degree. This is just as true for criminal activity as adventure sports or tertiary education achievements.

Just because someone is ‘old’ doesn’t make them honest, decent or nice. The same goes for disabled people. OK, they had Life deal them a crook hand but not every wheelchair bound man or woman is a nice, pleasant, role model for young adults kind of person. I know some very nasty blind people, the odd vicious cripple and what and some people on disability pensions who are just the same as us ‘able’ bodied types; sometimes nice and sometimes not so much fun to be with.

The same for age. There are some people who, even in Kindergarten you know are going to be societal problems some day. Old, past retirement men and women who would take you for everything you have if you gave them have a chance. Don’t make the mistake of stereotyping anyone. Just as we can’t assume every young teenager is a gang banger or because that kid is indigenous he must be up to no good (pick your own prejudice and apply) we can’t think that everyone old enough to be a grandparent is safe to leave your kids with.

This tragic case proves once again rape is not a sex crime, it is a power crime. The rapist got his thrill, but what about the terror experienced by his victim? No doubt that is what he fed off. He may be mentally unstable but that does not excuse his behaviour, nor should it allow him to escape severe punishment. He needs to know what it is like to be the victim. I am sure some other thrill seeker will give him a taste of what he dished out when he gets to Pentridge.

Man Raped 85yo Woman For A Thrill

A man who bashed and raped an 85-year-old woman at a Melbourne train station says he did it for a “thrill”.

Victorian Country Court Judge Duncan Allen said 65-year-old Allan Richard Hodson’s attack on the elderly woman in January was “spine chilling”.

“It’s hard to imagine any rape of this type – a rape of a stranger in a public place – that is a lot worse than that,” Judge Allen said during Hodson’s pre-sentence hearing on Friday.

Prosecutor Chris Ryan said Hodson “chillingly” described to police his motivation for the attack.

Hodson told police “here’s a good opportunity, I suppose, to have a bit of a thrill”, he told the court.

Hodson also admitted to police his victim was frail and he punched her forcefully during the assault in a train station toilet.

He told police he threatened to hurt the woman if she told anyone.

“I know where you live and I will come back and cut you.”

Mr Ryan said Hodson, of Bairnsdale, had travelled to Melbourne that day for a psychiatric visit and had drunk four bottles of beer before the attack.

The pre-sentence hearing before Judge Allen is continuing.

Push Came To Shove

We often say ‘when push comes to shove’ to indicate taking events to a more serious level of consequence and action. Sadly the other day in Eastlakes that saying came tragically true when a 71 year old lady was pushed by a teenage youth after a minor altercation.  Whatever the argument between them, it does not justify a youth pushing an aged lady in the chest, knocking her down and making her head strike the concrete footpath.

I can well imagine the lady taking the youth to task for riding his push bike on the path and endangering the safety of pedestrians, particularly the elderly.  Or perhaps he was blocking her way and she merely tried to get past him. The other day at our local mall I said ‘excuse me’ to a young teen on a scooter, blocking the path to the car park. He moved but said “yah Dad, next time you move for me!” I ignored him and kept going, his rudeness and attitude are not my concern. In fact they are beneath me to address.

But whatever the reason for his cowardly attack on the Eastlake’s lady, the Eastern Suburb’s thug is now wanted for manslaughter. He may have thought that adults can’t touch him, the law is on his side and if anyone raises their voice let alone a hand he will ‘own them’. True. To a point. But he passed that point when the lady died. Went well past it.

Our Senior Citizens are National Treasures. They are insulted every fortnight by the paltry pension our Prime Minister, earning $350,000 per year, thinks is sufficient for them to scrape by on. The miniscule repayment for a lifetime of work and taxes is agreed upon by other MPs, none of whom takes home less than $150,000 a year. It is a travesty and a slap in the face to every citizen because one day we too shall grow old.

Just because we age doesn’t mean we become timid, weak little creatures cowering in our bedsits and waiting for the big day to finally come around. One’s spirit doesn’t have to grow old and tired. My 77 year old Dad, a veteran of the Malayan Emergency and a man who served his country for 27 years recently defended our family dog when it was brutally set upon by two larger bull terriers. He broke his walking stick over the back of one and kicked the shine off his shoes on the other, all the time thinking his heart would explode. Fortunately the dogs didn’t turn on him but were finally brought under control when their low-brow owner came on the scene. Too many gutless thick heads feel if they have a tough dog it, makes them tough. No, it just makes them owners of a dog with a reputation.

ANZAC Day, 2009. Father and Son

Dad would rather go down fighting than roll over and give up. Perhaps not the wisest course of action but as a brave Spanish lady once said, “it’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees”. That was one reason my mother, when she was 18, fled East Germany. She escaped by running through minefields, being chased by guard dogs, shot at from machine gun towers and finally swimming the freezing cold Elbe River in February, 1956. Spirit such as this does not easily acquiesce to the demands of the dross of our society. Should they?

Even on the remote Isle of Pines my switched on mother keeps her hand on her purse.

Should they give in and hope they will be left in peace or should they stand up for themselves and take their chances? It is easy to be wise after the event, afterall hindsight is both 20/20 and an exact science. But there is no guarantee the dross will leave them alone if they cower and back off. In fact the odds are in their favour if they stand their ground. Most dross are bullys and all bullys are cowards. Stand up to them and they will most likely back down. Like everything in life, you take your chances and they are always never better than 50/50. Either you will or you won’t.

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