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Thirty Cents

In the UK a young woman was refused a bus ride home from a night out because she was 20p, about thirty cents, short. The bus driver refused to let her ride for less than the full fare and no one on the bus offered to help her out. This was the last bus of the night, just a few weeks before Christmas. As she walked along the road towards a meeting point arranged with her mother via cellphone, she was dragged into a park and raped and beaten by a 19 year old piece of scum called Joseph Moran. When the woman was found by police at 4am they were able to arrest Moran shortly after. The photo clearly shows he didn’t have things all his own way and the brave young woman fought back as best she could. She did not go gently into that good night!

Moran is behind bars and hopefully getting the kind of attention he deserves from some of the other inmates. The woman has not been named but if she ever reads this blog, I hope she takes some comfort in the fact that her bravery and courage to fight back and to pursue her attacker through the courts until some kind of justice has been achieved has not gone unnoticed across the world. Well done young lady.

As for those on the bus who refused to help… It is a sd reflection of our modern society. I offered to chip in a few cents to help a man who was trying to buy a loaf of bread, allegedly for his kids because they hadn’t eaten and he was waiting for his unemployment money to come through. Yet when I offered to buy the loaf he went off at me and stormed out of the shop. I guess his kids went hungry. Would I offer to help someone like him again? Of course I would. None of us know if Life is about to deal us a hand that we find difficult to play.  Today at ALDI there was a little 2 year old girl running around looking for her parents. She wasn’t crying yet so I figured they weren’t far. I called out “Anyone lost a little Indian girl?” as she was obviously of Indian/Pakistani heritage. Her father was coming down the aisle and probably had seen her right as I called out. He gave me a withering look but so what? I have had my kids run off on me and I know how frantic you can become just seconds after they disappear. I will never let myself become involved in a James Bulger type situation for fear of speaking up and having people stare at me.

Earlier I had been in a carpark visiting a friend who was running a sausage sizzle to raise moeny for a literary magazine he is publishing. A young woman who had parked her car diagonally in the bay was reversing, straight into a large, white station wagon stopped by traffic behind her. She came within inches and was clearly not stopping when I yelled out ‘STOP!”. She and everything else in the carpark stopped, then she took fifteen attempts to reverse this tiny car out of the bay and drive off. It was scary to watch as she was not displaying L plates or even P plates, but was supposedly a licensed and experienced driver. Should I have yelled out? I think so. Although she is probably insured and it wasn’t my car she was about to hit, the fact remains it would have caused expense and complications for the owner of the whit car. why should he or she suffer because of this irresponsible and incompetent driver if my intervention might avoid a collision (which it did)?

Of course we have all heard too many accounts of Good Samaritans stepping in and getting beaten up or killed, but like a sailor going to sea, you pick your weather. Exercise some common sense and good judgment and think about what you are about to do. But don’t hesitate if the situation demands action right now. Remember James Bulger, may he rest in peace. If someone had done a little more, perhaps, just perhaps…

Never Judge A Book By The Cover Or The Date Of Publication

There is nothing I wish to say about this piece of offal that I can publish on this site. Let that suffice. On the topic in general, though, this makes a point about our perception of the aged and the disabled. While today’s 65 may be the new 55 and I am the first to admit we no longer seem to ‘age’ the way we did when I was a teen, we still tend to place age limits on various activities. We seem to be amazed that someone past retiring age has leapt out of an aeroplane on a tandem sky dive or returned to university for a degree. This is just as true for criminal activity as adventure sports or tertiary education achievements.

Just because someone is ‘old’ doesn’t make them honest, decent or nice. The same goes for disabled people. OK, they had Life deal them a crook hand but not every wheelchair bound man or woman is a nice, pleasant, role model for young adults kind of person. I know some very nasty blind people, the odd vicious cripple and what and some people on disability pensions who are just the same as us ‘able’ bodied types; sometimes nice and sometimes not so much fun to be with.

The same for age. There are some people who, even in Kindergarten you know are going to be societal problems some day. Old, past retirement men and women who would take you for everything you have if you gave them have a chance. Don’t make the mistake of stereotyping anyone. Just as we can’t assume every young teenager is a gang banger or because that kid is indigenous he must be up to no good (pick your own prejudice and apply) we can’t think that everyone old enough to be a grandparent is safe to leave your kids with.

This tragic case proves once again rape is not a sex crime, it is a power crime. The rapist got his thrill, but what about the terror experienced by his victim? No doubt that is what he fed off. He may be mentally unstable but that does not excuse his behaviour, nor should it allow him to escape severe punishment. He needs to know what it is like to be the victim. I am sure some other thrill seeker will give him a taste of what he dished out when he gets to Pentridge.

Man Raped 85yo Woman For A Thrill

A man who bashed and raped an 85-year-old woman at a Melbourne train station says he did it for a “thrill”.

Victorian Country Court Judge Duncan Allen said 65-year-old Allan Richard Hodson’s attack on the elderly woman in January was “spine chilling”.

“It’s hard to imagine any rape of this type – a rape of a stranger in a public place – that is a lot worse than that,” Judge Allen said during Hodson’s pre-sentence hearing on Friday.

Prosecutor Chris Ryan said Hodson “chillingly” described to police his motivation for the attack.

Hodson told police “here’s a good opportunity, I suppose, to have a bit of a thrill”, he told the court.

Hodson also admitted to police his victim was frail and he punched her forcefully during the assault in a train station toilet.

He told police he threatened to hurt the woman if she told anyone.

“I know where you live and I will come back and cut you.”

Mr Ryan said Hodson, of Bairnsdale, had travelled to Melbourne that day for a psychiatric visit and had drunk four bottles of beer before the attack.

The pre-sentence hearing before Judge Allen is continuing.

A Woman’s Worst (Motoring) Nightmare

A 49 year old woman in Queensland was raped by a passing motorist after her car broke down, leaving her stranded by the roadside. While waiting for help she was dragged into the rapist’s white van, punched in the face, threatened with a knife and raped. How could this have been avoided?

I think we too often feel we are being paranoid if we were to lock our doors and windows and remain in the vehicle, refusing help from anyone but the police or road service crew (NRMA, AAA, RACQ etc). I would certainly understand if a woman, especially at midnight, didn’t want me to help her, better safe than sorry and no offence taken.

In this day and age everyone should have a mobile phone they can call for help on and most places are within coverage. Having said that my 73 year old mother still goes once a month to a friend’s restaurant in the country and helps with the cooking. She returns in daylight the next day but only a few years ago she would make the trip at night. A lot of the steep, winding rural road has poor cell phone coverage. On one trip, on a Sunday afternoon, she was stopped by three indigenous persons blocking the road. As two remained in the middle of the road, one climbed in followed by the other two and told her to give them a lift to town. She complied and was terrified the whole way but fortunately this time, they just wanted a ride. Lesson? Lock your doors and keep windows up, use the aircon.

How safety conscious  do you have to be nowadays before common sense precautions becomes paranoia? Some experts speak of being in Code Yellow, then going to Code Orange and finally Code Red as things escalate and when there  is no risk they are at Code Green. But what if you are colour blind or simply can’t be bothered living your life by a colour chart? All too complicated really, either you are at risk or you aren’t.

Vehicle breakdown? You are at risk. After dark? At risk. By yourself? At risk.  It might be hard to overcome one’s natural predilection to believing most people are good and intend no harm (and that is true) but sadly the few who are not are opportunistic predators. They will be forever alert to the chance to make you their prey.

And to the woman who fell victim to this slime… You are not at fault, ever. You survived which means you did everything right. There are no hard and fast rules as every situation, every predator, is different and while there are some commonalities, if you escape with your life then you did the right thing, even if that was to not resist.  While that might seem to contradict an earlier post of mine, it doesn’t. As I said every situation is different and in this case the man had the element of surprise, a weapon and no hesitation in striking the woman to gain some compliance. I repeat, she did nothing wrong, it was not her fault, yet all too often victims suffer for years afterwards feeling they were the one that caused the crime.  Let’s hope this predator is caught and punished.

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