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Burqa On Trial 3

Dr Ali. Photo Courtesy WA News/Sharon Smith

I feel vindicated to some degree because a leading Muslim academic has come out publicly against the wearing of the burqa/niqab. (Burqa has a mesh face covering, the niqab is the one that leaves just a slit for the eyes to look out from) While some ethnic community spokespeople might claim banning the garment attacks one’s cultural habits the fact remains it is not a part of our culture and it is both offensive to many and confronting to nearly all.

As the academic, Dr Ali, clearly states, the garment signifies a mindset as much as anything else. The wearing of it is, he says, “the lingering relics of a patriarchal, misogynistic and tribal culture” and argues there is no religious obligation in the Koran for it to be worn”.

He goes on to say that several European countries have banned the wearing of the garment in public places, including the Arab nation of Syria. My argument posits that if Muslims and predominantly Muslim countries find it offensive and confronting then surely we westerners can’t be labelled racist or religionist or whatever for wanting our public places free of this aberration.

My position has always been one of asking what does this garment say about the mindset of the wearer and her husband? What about their sons and how they view our women who don’t wear such a covering? Back in their home countries they can do as they wish because I will warn my daughters against travelling there or having anything to do with those men who support this cultural habit. But here in their own country they have a right to walk the streets as free from fear of harm as possible. We have enough home grown threats and hazards without importing more.

Burqa On Trial 2

Tasneem X, the woman who prefers not to show her face to men

The Muslim woman who doesn’t wish to remove her niqab (veil) covering her face that I reported on a few posts back has put her side of the situation to the media. Tasneem has made it clear her not wanting to show her face to men other than her husband is not a religious requirement. To my mind that means she must remove the veil when giving testimony.

She has said she would prefer to give her testimony via video link up from a separate room with a woman present. I don’t have a problem with that as it is something we do for other witnesses for various reasons. I have my own views on the mindset of someone who doesn’t want other men to see her but I will keep them to myself. The world is full of eccentric people who aren’t like ‘most people’ in the society they are a part of and that isn’t a crime. At least not yet.

I believe she has made it clear there is no reason she gets special treatment other than her own personal choice. I don;t think that is sufficient reason to make an exception because of the precedent it sets. Perhaps I would like to appear nude in public because it is how I prefer to be and has nothing to do with my religious beliefs but it is a decision I made some years ago. Where do we draw the line?

A Balaclava, or ski-mask. As used by bank roobers, rapists and people needing warm clothing for their head.

This is a Ninja.

Balaclavas as worn by terrorists of the IRA

If This Is Islam – Give Me The Inquisition

A woman sentenced to death by stoning has pleaded to hug her kids before she dies. Preferably, to stay alive and hug them indefinitely. She has already been flogged in front of her son for allegedly having an illicit relationship with two men. Then after that indignity she gets accused of adultery during the trial of a man accused of murdering her husband. While it seems obvious this is a set up to us, to any mind that can condone such barbaric and medieval practices, the likelihood the accused man was making it up to save his own skin can be ignored. Keep in mind these radical Muslims are the epitome of misogynists in real life.

If this is Islam, then bring on the Spanish Inquisition! Just another example of religion being twisted and abused for men’s own ends. It makes me sick and I want to have nothing to do with such warped and twisted, nasty, evil and perverted people. I know not all Muslims are this sick and not all Iranians are supporters of these religious zealots but enough are to keep travesties like this happening every day in the Islamic world, especially Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. These are the places that support the cultural aberration, the burqa.

My heart goes out to that poor woman and her family and all the other decent people suffering under the despots and despicable denizens of religion, which ever brand it is. Wherever a specific religion is the power in the land there is and always has been gross injustice.

My best advice is to stay away from these countries. To boycott their products and to have as little to do with them as you possibly can. If I thought the government of Iran would care if I signed a petition, I would do so but these arrogant tyrants respect nothing and nobody. I sincerely hope they let the poor woman go but these misogynistic societies are rarely merciful. If they do carry out their primitive and barbaric murder, I hope the very first stone knocks her unconscious… but they use small stones on purpose so that she suffocates under the weight rather than dies from any blow. You wouldn’t kill an animal that way but these people see it as God’s Will.  And the moderate Muslims wonder why so many of us shake our heads at the mere mention of the old saw that theirs is a religion of tolerance.

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