Stun Gun Stud Stabbed & Stopped!

What goes around comes around and if you make a habit of breaking into people’s houses you have to expect the odd home owner to take umbrage. In Sydney today a man was stabbed by the home owner after he bailed him up in his own home with a stun gun. There have been a spate of assaults and robberies with stun guns of late, this might quieten things down a tad. I know I am in no shape at the moment to wrestle with anyone, let alone a young, fit criminal armed with a stun gun. I would prefer to reach for a stick but if the knife was handy, so be it. Bottom line, don’t brreak the law and you have no reason to complain. Or die. No doubt this young thug will turn out to be a much loved, beautiful young boy with his life (of crime) ahead of him. Spare a thought for the homeowner, he nearly became a victim of crime. Now he might become a victim of the legal system.

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