Ignorance Isn’t Bliss, It’s An iPod

A victim of a vicious sexual assault, just 100m from her St Kilda home, warns women not to walk around listening to your iPod. She was attacked as she walked home from the station, iPod ear pieces in place and listening to her favourite songs. Fortunately a passing motorist disturbed the attacker.

I have seen this behaviour in women for years. Before iPods it was a Sony Walkman blaring away and before that, girls reading books, even while walking the street! They have absolutely zero idea of what is happening around them. Their environmental awareness is non-existant and they are prime targets for predators.

Forget the iPod, ladies. Look alert and look around you. Take note of who is near you and how they are behaving. Most criminals can be spotted long before they strike, if you are looking for the signs. Shifty, unnatural behaviour stands out. Incongruities are obvious, like wearing raincoats or other heavy clothing on warm days, what are they hiding under the coat? Loitering in a car park when everyone else is walking either to or from a car. Hanging around with no apparent purpose… why?

Attitude plus awareness equals avoidance and trouble is best handled by being avoided than having to actually manage a problem.

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