39 Storey Fall And Still Alive!

A New York man attempted to commit suicide by jumping from the 39th floor of a West Side apartment block. He landed in the back seat of parked car… and survived. He is being treated for two broken legs. One might think they will be a lot shorter than they once were by the time he recovers.

I had always been led to believe that four stories is about the most you can expect to jump from and survive the stop at the bottom. Of course you can trip and kill yourself falling from however tall you are when standing, there are no hard and fast rules to life or how you leave it.

If I did have to drop four floors I would hang and drop, scraping along the side of the building and trying to slow down my impact with the ground if possible. Like some cartoon character there would be fingernail scratches scoured deep into the brick work all the way down!

I wonder if he lost consciousness on the way down or at the moment of impact? I read of a man in Paris who fell from the Eiffel Tower who was heard to say “I’m alright so far” as he passed people on the restaurant terrace half way down. Nice touch.

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