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David James Sperring – Conman

It seems I was too generous with David James Sperring and Winbase Equities. I have been contacted by a group of former US Military retirees who were conned out of $25,000 by Sperring and Winbase Equities. No doubt there are many more. This criminal is a nasty example of the low life that exist and prey on the public. Make no mistake, he is very good at what he does, all successful conmen are; it is how they make their tainted livings. I have made some inquiries with my contacts in various places and he will soon be finding he is going to have to either face the music or go on the run once again.

He currently works at a car dealership, Pine Belt Cadillac in Tom’s River, New Jersey; yet his work permit ran out some months ago. He has assaulted his US wife, abandoned their baby and is wanted for serious assaults in several places. He claims to have been a former professional boxer and something of a bad lad in the UK. Gee, I’m terrified. Well I would be were I an unsuspecting drunk in a bar or a woman trying to protect her child. The David James Sperring’s of the world are not the kind of person to face you and take you on in a fair fight. He is nasty and no doubt a sociopath/psychopath of some ilk. Someone best avoided but not to be feared. The thing is, the people who he has ripped off in the USA are not the kind of people you trifle with. At least one is a former US Marine and I know first hand, these are the lads you want on your side in a fight, not facing you. They may be too old to fight him physically but I have no doubt they have other weapons they will use to good effect.

The lesson for me is that we can all be conned. I did my due diligence and investigated the company as far as I could, then I made a decision and took a risk. It failed. I accept that. I accept that I have been conned and I have learned from this. By sharing my experience I take some comfort that others might not suffer because I have posted this blog.

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