Pointless Pit Bulls

Once again, those unnecessary animals, pit bulls, have struck. This time at Cable Beach, Broome. Tourists enjoying a sunset camel ride along the beach were hurt when uncontrolled pit bulls attacked the camels they were riding. One tourist fell off as the camel tried to escape the vicious dogs and was injured in the fall, including suffering fractured bones. Nice way to end your holiday. Of course the arrogant owner assured the camel train operator before the dogs went off that they were fine. Yeah, right!

Last month in the USA a baby was bitten by a pit bull while the parents of the baby and owners of the dog were in another room. Perhaps the parents were, as one pro-pit bull commenter stated, in the other room taking drugs but that doesn’t change the fact the dogs are dangerous. There is a lot of well deserved animosity against these dog breeds and their owners. The dogs are bred purely for fighting after all yet the owners are forever apologising or claiming it was the fault of the victim, not a pit bull and so on.

In Germany this past week two Staffordshire Bull Terriers tore apart a 3 year old toddler. When the great-grandmother of the child  came to her rescue the animals turned on her. The baby is dead, the great-grandmother is in a serious condition in hospital.  The two victims were visiting the toddler’s aunt who owned the dogs. She lived in a remote village and had not registered the animals on the dangerous breeds register.

If you Google ‘pit bulls baby’ you get hit after tragic hit about these animals and other similar breeds attacking people of all ages. The real reason owners want them is to make up for their own insecurities and feelings of inferiority. Like middle aged men and sports cars they are little more than a penis substitute. I owned Rottweilers for years and they are beautiful yet very powerful animals. I trained mine and never had a problem with them for the decade or so I owned them. The main reason I bought a Rotty was because I had been told they do need exercise but, if you live in an apartment as I did and don’t have a yard for them to run around in, they are happy to stay at your feet. Mine were, so much so that whenever the ‘phone rang my boy would spring up and hit the gas lever on my office chair and I would go hurtling down to just above floor level! So I know about big dogs.

In the Army I worked with German Shepherds and other large breeds as bomb detection dogs and security dogs (the two are very different animals and trained for different jobs). I personally like Staffies and such but the pure fighting breeds like American Pit Bulls and such have no place in a civilized society. Especially not an urban one.

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